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Welcome to the Epilepsy Foundation of Victoria

SPR is delighted to be working with the Epilepsy Foundation of Victoria to assist the organisation to raise awareness of its wonderful activities that support and assist people living with epilepsy, and to help to overcome the social stigma associated with epilepsy.  

It is estimated that up to 4 percent of Australians will have epilepsy during their lifetime and more than one percent of Australians currently have active epilepsy.  Epilepsy was ranked in the top five avoidable causes of death in young people (aged 5-29) as stated in the Victorian Government's new report Avoidable Mortality in Victoria - Trends between 1997 and 2003.  When considering that our ageing population also means more and more older citizens will experience a seizure in their lifetime, one realises that this is a significant health issue that will affect many more Australians in the future.

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