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How we work
When commencing with a new client or undertaking a new project, we take a full brief on the client's needs.  This includes gaining an understanding of the client's expectations, the nature of the project and the competitive landscape and working together in partnership with the client to create realistic objectives and a mutually understood direction and outcomes.
Communications audit
For new clients, we recommend conducting a communication audit prior to developing public relations plans.  Whether a full, complex audit, or simple review of the status quo, this helps us to understand where communications opportunities, gaps, weaknesses and threats might exist and identifies what communication work undertaken by the client in the past has been successful and what hasn't.

Using a proven communication audit framework, we conduct workshops with executives and staff that identify target audiences, discuss key issues, messages and current perceptions, and highlight gaps and opportunities. This process informs the future strategic planning and development work and illuminates the key public relations priorities.
Once we have a clear understanding of the project or campaign requirements, we develop a plan that provides the blueprint for future activities.  The plan may provide a complex one to two year strategic direction, or be a brief document that outlines project activities, depending on the complexity of the requirements.

The aim is for all parties to be clear on the priorities, objectives, expected outcomes, budget and monitoring mechanisms.
Once the plan is agreed upon, we action the items in line with timeframes and the agreed budget.  We work closely in partnership with our clients, becoming a part of their marketing and communication team.  This helps us to identify opportunities as the campaign progresses and ensures that each partner plays their role in achieving the objectives.

All work is approved by the client prior to being disseminated to the media or submitted for design and production work.
Monitoring, evaluating and reporting
All activities must have measurable and achievable outcomes.  Stephens Public Relations monitors activities against objectives and evaluates publicity using a qualitative approach.  Reporting is on a monthly basis, or at agreed milestones during, or upon completion of, special projects.
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